Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between demo and full versions?

Demo version has limited number of points available. In tennis, the limit is two games. In badminton, the limit is five points. Otherwise demo and full versions are similar. The idea with demo version is that the interested user is able to test the wireless feature before purchasing the full version.

Can I use Youmpire without the Bluetooth ring controller?

You can download, install and start the app without controller. You can start a match by swiping the start screen with finger. You can also feed points and use undo, new set and tiebreak features with the following gestures. Button 1 (tiebreak): click screen anywhere. Button 2 (server’s/opponent’s point): swipe to right. Button 3 (receiver’s/your point): swipe to left. Button 4 (undo): swipe up. Button 5 (new set): swipe down.

Notice that the system is not intended to be used with swipe gestures, therefore there is no guarantee about the reliability of swipe gestures. But, they can be used for testing before purchasing the Bluetooth controller.

Do you sell the Bluetooth ring controller?

No, the controller (type JX-05) must be purchased separately. There are plenty of stores selling this item (prices between USD 5 – 20 + pp) on AliExpress and Amazon.

Are there other Bluetooth controllers available than the JX-05 ring?

At the moment the JX-05 is the only which is tested and proved to function well. In the future, however, there might be other controllers available. They will be added to upcoming versions of Youmpire.

What does non-use alarm mean and what is it used for?

When activated, it generates a continuous beep sound, if the mobile device has not received anything from the controller for a certain time period. The factory set value is ”never” (non-use alarm is not activated), but the user is able to choose the time value between 0.5 and 5 minutes.

The main purpose of non-use alarm is to prevent forgetting the mobile device on the court. After the play has ended, it might happen that the user collects other stuff, but forgets the pad or phone device.

Another use, with tennis, might be to indicate the players that the rest interval during court side change is over.

The timer starts to tick only after the first point in a match has been played. This means that the players may freely warm-up as long as they like without the non-use alarm disturbing them.

When the alarm starts, it is immediately stopped, when controller’s any button is pressed.