Youmpire sports point counter

Is this familiar: after a long rally it’s hard to remember the score? Here’s the solution! Put a ring in your finger, push a button after a point and the score will be updated wirelessly. It’s suitable for tennis, padel, badminton, table tennis and for any sport where points are counted. The Youmpire system shows the score on screen and you may concentrate on playing!

Youmpire. YOU are the UMPIRE!

In addition to showing the score with numbers, the system is also able to speak the score aloud (in English) or alternatively give a beep sound, which is unique to both players. Please check the following pictures to get an idea about all the features.

This is how the controller ring works with tennis and padel

This is the operation with badminton, table tennis or any other sport

Opening view

Start tennis or padel from here

Start badminton or table tennis from here

Option menu

The numbers are large and clearly visible and the players are able to see them even from a normal mobile phone screen. A pad with bigger display is even better! Game score (in tennis) is shown after each game has ended.

Here is a video showing the main features


  • Android version 7 or newer
  • Youmpire app on the phone or pad. Get it from Google Play. Demo version (with limited number of points) is free, full version (may be bought within the app) is 9.99 €.
  • Ring Bluetooth controller JX-05 or similar (get it from AliExpress or Amazon)